International Student Alumni – A shining Star

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Enkhbaatar Urjinhand, a successful alumni who was graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University   with Master Degree in 2014.

She is one of the best and leading students and even before her enrollment to our university she had published her own books and audio albums of poems and short stories which she composed and wrote.  While she was studying on our campus, she endeavored to keep working on her books.  She is a busy-beaver and diligent youth.  When she graduated from our university, she was invited to work as an editor at the “Solongo” Information Center of Inner Mongolia. As the result she has been working successfully at this same organization as the editor. She proved herself as one of the unique and best alumni from our university. Although she had graduated already from the university she has been an ideal one for younger students and encourages them positively for the future. Also she keeps going on to organize the several competitions such as the poem competition called “Blue spring of Hohhot” for those youths who are interested in poems and stories and “Remarkable  Melody” the recital and eloquence of poem competition as well. And she worked as a judge for “The Great Festival of Folk Art”. It is a Chinese and Mongolian poem recital competition. Now this competition has being expanded to the pupils of primary to high school and it became more alluring. She has been worked as a judge for bigger events and significant competitions in the level of towns and regions. Also, she was invited as a judge for “Mongolians got a talent”, the popular TV show in Inner Mongolia. Perhaps this is her effort of how she is respected by people. E. Urjinhand, since her graduation she has been awarded with many honorable prizes. In 2015, her story “Anirhuu” received the 3d place for the Internet Poem competition. Furthermore, her books and writings were appreciated by the “Mongolian Union of Writers” and she was rewarded with the prize of “Gombiin Ser-od”. After she stepped into the field of life and work she published her own books. Poem and writing is her hobby. But she is a successful young journalist as she is working in her own professional help. In the field of journalism, she was rewarded with some honorable prizes such as “The leading young journalist” prize from the Mongolian Youth Union and “Gan Uzegten” prize from the Union Mongolian Journalist. We express our congratulations for our diligent and best student and we wish you best success for your future. We are proud of her since she has proved herself and respected in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.  And we hope that she will write more new poems and stories in the future for our benefit. Hence, let’s listen to this anthem for Mongolian students. The melody is composed by the Mrs. Tuvshintsogt who is a member of the Mongolian Union of Composer. The lyric has composed by Unjinhand. E. This song is the anthem for those students who study in Inner Mongolia.