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A Brief Introduction of Inner Mongolia Normal University

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Founded in 1952, Inner Mongolia Normal University is one of the key universities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is a comprehensive normal university with characteristic features of teacher education and ethnic education, praised as “the cradle of ethnic education”.

There are 22 functional departments, 29 colleges, 1 independent college and 2 teaching and research departments. There are a total of 1,900 staff members, including 1,300 full-time teachers, among whom 70% have Doctor’s or Master’s degrees and 45% are professors or associate professors. The university has 754 Doctor’s and Master’s program supervisors.

There are about 24,000 undergraduate and diploma full-time students, 4,200 graduate students, 6,000 continuing students and 200 international students, making up a multilevel educational framework. The university offers 79 undergraduate programs covering 10 disciplines. There are 2 first-grade-discipline doctoral programs, 4 second-grade-discipline doctoral programs, 1 mobile post-doctoral research station, 24 first-grade-discipline master’s programs, 131 second-grade-discipline master’s programs and 10 professional master’s programs.

Aside from seeking cooperation with famous universities and research institutes within the country, IMNU aims at connecting to the world for international cooperation and has established constant relationships with Mongolia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the US, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.